Top Fashion Looks from the Saudi Cup 2021

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The second edition of the Saudi Cup kicked off in Riyadh on the 19th of February 2021 and ran for 2 days. Touted as the most valuable horse race in the world, the Saudi cup dished out prizes worth a total of almost 20 million USD and the top prize was slated at 10 million USD. The event was not open to the public in lieu of the ongoing restrictions on social gatherings due to the corona-virus pandemic, which meant that attendance to the event was by invitation only. This meant that this year’s audience was the creme de la creme of Saudi society.

Attendees at the Royal Enclosure were required to adhere to a dress code conceived after a collaboration between the Saudi Fashion Commission, Dr. Laila Albassam - an expert on Saudi heritage, and fashion illustrator Norah Sahman. It came as no surprise, thereafter, that outfits inspired by Saudi heritage was the dress code and the event was riddled with color and glamor, quite literally, thanks to the slew of royalty, celebrities and influencers who graced the event.

Fashion was at the top of its game, much like the sport itself, and quite in Derby style, many attendees were spotted in hats and suits. But it were the outfits that adhered to the dress code that really stole the show. Contemporary renditions of traditional outfits like the Bisht were all the rage among some attendees while others chose to wear more subtle interpretations of Saudi fashion heritage while wore traditional dresses from different regions of the kingdom.

We at Ezal have curated the top looks from the event and these are the outfits we loved:

Yara Al Namlah

Photo credits - Meshal Shinan (Instagram - @m_shinan)

We love it when an abaya is done right and Yara Al Namlah sported a memorable look by R9 Designs, a Saudi brand based in the Eastern region. The abaya was with a Sadu printed draped shawl attached to one end which could be held from the free end. She completed the look with an Hermes bag.

Danya Al Saedan

Dressed in an aquamarine thoub designed by her mother with intricate gold embroidery over the bodice and skirt along with a long scarf worn over the head and beautiful draping on the side, Danya Al Saedan embodied elegance and grace in this traditional outfit

HRH Princess Noura Al Faisal

Elegant as always, HRH Princess Noura Al Faisal wore a deep red velvet winter abaya with embroidery along the shawl lapel and sleeves inspired by Saudi heritage. The look was minimalist and the color of the abaya added the necessary glamour to the look

Hala Al Harithy

When it comes to acing the abaya game, no-one does it better than Hala Al Harithy and she aced it this time around too, with a printed number by Arwa Alammari of Aram Designs. The prints were inspired by traditional Asiri patterns found inside the architecture all across the Asir region

Abdullah Al Jumah

Saudi men are as fashion savvy as their female counterparts and this was evident during the Saudi Cup 2021. One of our favorite male looks was sported by Abdullah Al Jumah who wore a jacquard Dagla designed by Saudi designer Mohammad Khoja, owner of the contemporary streetwear brand Hindamme. The color was inspired by the shade of the starry sky at night in the desert and the look was rounded off with a traditional belt