The Slow Fashion Movement that Needs to Make a Rapid Entry in Our Lives

Updated: Jan 14

Hadeel Osman, Yara Aburoza & Aisha Jamal are the Arab representatives of the global slow fashion movement. _fidan_6656. Originally named Slow Fashion Season, the movement began with the idea of signing a petition to stop shopping three months a year (21st of June - 21st of September).

Due to the wonderful support the creators received along with how successfully the first season went, it was evident that this issue shouldn’t only be discussed seasonally. That is where the idea of a movement began.

We had to talk to the girls to get a better idea of how the movement functions and how we can bring awareness regarding this in the Arab region, especially in Saudi Arabia.

The movement was a reaction to the alarmingly high level of consumption in retail.

The main motive behind the movement is to spread awareness amongst consumers to urge them to start paying more attention to their consumption levels.

Since the Middle East is proven to be one of the biggest consumers in the fashion industry, it made the region one of the movement’s biggest targets. Content regarding the movement was not available in the Arabic language. So, the account (@slowfashion.arb) was created to specifically target the Arab region to join the movement, raising awareness about the fashion industry and highlighting the cultural roots of slow fashion.

Slow fashion is a concept which specifically goes against Fast fashion and this is only a fragment taken from the playbook of a slow lifestyle. Slow fashion believes in the concept that we can make everything last longer and that we shouldn’t treat our clothes as disposable. On the contrary, our clothes should be treated with love and care in order for them to last longer and reach their true value.

It is important to note that a slow lifestyle, including slow fashion, is one that many countries within the Arab region had always implemented but were beginning to lose them. Some of the slow fashion representatives are living within these areas in the Arab region and will happily share and guide you through a more sustainable and less consumption-based lifestyle.

Follow the (@slowfashion.movement) &(@slowfashion.arb) to learn more!

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