The Line- HRH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Shows the World How Smart Cities are Done Right

HRH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman draws the line, quite literally. He believes the world has had enough, that we need to draw a line when it comes to exploitation of our natural resources and this has become the slogan as well as the moniker of the new initiative that was announced yesterday by the Crown Prince.

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He presented “The Line”, an ambitious and futuristic project incorporating cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and state of the art sustainable living practices. This will be part of the $500 billion project called “NEOM”. The Line will be a 170 kilometers long infrastructural development equipped with modern technology and based on sustainability that aims towards using 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions.

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The Crown Prince in his inaugural speech of “The Line” reminded all of us of the grim consequences of our present lifestyles. He informed us that by the year 2050, one billion people will be displaced due to rising carbon emissions and increased sea levels. Therefore “The Line” project will heavily focus on sustainability. “Ninety percent of the people currently breathe polluted air. Why should we sacrifice nature for the sake of development? Why should 7 million die due to pollution every year?”, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman said at his inaugural speech.

“We need to transform the concept of conventional cities into that of a futuristic one”, added the Crown Prince. The city will be like no other in the world and a first of its kind where roads and streets will be replaced by piazzas and walkable boulevards filled with parks and green spaces.

Walkability and livability will be the DNA of The Line embodying the soul of the NEOM livability model which aims for a life without compulsory commuting. The city will be planned around a pedestrian-first design approach.

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The Line will have the capacity to house over a million residents, a massive project which will expand over 170 km while preserving 95% of nature within NEOM with zero cars and no carbon emissions.

All essential services like schools, clinics, supermarkets, leisure services and green spaces will be available within a five minute walk. Furthermore, high speed automated mass transit systems will take commuters from one end to another in 20 minutes.

The Line will be powered by 100% clean energy providing a healthier, more sustainable and pollution-free environment for its residents. Cognitive communities powered by AI technology will be created that will continuously learn predictive ways to make life easier.

The Line project reaffirms to the citizens of the Kingdom that Vision 2030 is soon to become a reality, writing new pages of history for Saudi Arabia. “This is our Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030. We will begin immediately delivering the overarching plans and programs we have set out. Together, with the help of Allah, we can strengthen the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s position as a great nation in which we should all feel an immense pride”, said the Crown Prince earlier addressing his Vision for 2030.

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This project will contribute heavily towards appreciating non- oil-based revenues in the kingdom. The city is expected to create 380,000 jobs and contribute SR180 billion ($48 billon) to domestic GDP by 2030 as forecasted by the Crown Prince.

Hundreds of citizens and residents across the Kingdom have expressed their excitement to see this project become a reality by tweeting and sharing the details of the project on social media.

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