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Saudi Food Map - A bite from every region

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Food has a compelling quality about it, and we cannot deny the importance of food in our lives. From rich aromas that make us nostalgic to delicious snacks that bring us

closer to our families food is very significant in our lives. Saudi Arabia constitutes of 13 provinces that have their unique specialities which showcase the rich diversity the country has when it comes to food. The overall diet is rich in protein such as Beef, lamb and chicken, and its proximity to the red sea gives the nation access to the best seafood

from local fish to scrumptious crustaceans along with the abundance of date palms all

around the country, dates are found to be used predominately in the desserts.

Team Ezal have created an excellent map of traditional Saudi cuisine that is bound to

make you drool.

Mansaf is a local delicacy that is prepared with lamb that is cooked with a sauce of

fermented, dried yoghurt and served with rice and bulger. This dish has traces its roots to the Tabuk region.


Often dubbed as the Arab beef jerky, this Al-Jouf speciality is prepared with meat that is salted and hung on ropes to dry thus preserving it for a very long time.

Muhammar - An Eastern Province speciality, consists of sweet rice dish with an assortment of spices and date molasses often eaten with grilled fish or fried fish.

Kabsa - Often regarded as the national dish of Saudi Arabia, this rice preparation is

fragrant packed with spices and cooked with different types of meat (Goat, Beef,

Chicken or Seafood). This dish is enjoyed all over KSA.

Al Sayadia is a classic fish and rice preparation made with fish broth, and

local spices topped with fried or grilled fish. This dish highlights the vast fresh

seafood from the red sea which are the jewels of the country and is thus, popular in the coastal cities of KSA.

Haneeth- One of the best known local dishes of the region of Asir, this dish is a meaty hearty dish often made in a traditional stone oven. After a few hours of cooking the

meat is taken out from the oven, and salt is sprinkled before serving.

Saleeg - This Hejazi delight is a fantastic rice dish that consists of a creamy, porridge-like short-grain rice and roasted meat. Chicken is the most common meat choice in this dish.

Mutabak is a famous street food of the middle east, often made with minced

meat, eggs and spring onions. This dish epitomises what good street food is. Enjoyed all over KSA, this baked delight is popular among locals and residents alike.

Jalamah, belonging to Asir, is a lamb speciality that is traditionally prepared with pieces of very young lamb meat with fat, onions, and a blend of Arabic spices.

Jareesh - A popular side dish often is eaten in the country’s capital Riyadh, usually

prepared by mixing grains with milk and cooked over a high temperature.

Ma’amoul is a cookie stuffed with fruits, nuts, dates, walnuts, and pistachios.

These cookies are traditionally prepared and shared during festivals. This Saudi baked goodie is popular the world over.

Hineni is a traditional dish found in the Najd region of Saudi Arabia, consisting

of dates, butter, and brown bread, seasoned with saffron and cardamom.

Matazeer - One of the most famous dishes from the region of Qassim, this local favourite is prepared by cutting the dough into small pieces and cooking it in a meat broth.

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