The Crown - Team Ezal's review

Updated: Jan 19

written by Amrina Farooqui

I sit up straight, correct my posture and start pronouncing my H's more clearly. What am I doing you ask? I, along with the rest of the world, have started my binge of the latest season of the Crown.

The highly anticipated season 4 of the crown released on Netflix on 15th November and has become a trending topic on the internet ever since. The creators have delivered on their promise of creating another sensational season.

Though the series is well into its 4th season, it is still growing strong. Creators of the series have even claimed that many members of the royal family have watched it. And we don't doubt them as the Crown has received huge critical acclaim and popularity ever since its debut on Netflix. The show has received multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominations as well as wins.

Olivia Coleman in all her glory as Queen Elizabeth II
The latest season sees the introduction of some very famous personalities such as the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and most importantly Princess Diana.

Even before the 4th season had been announced, there had been much buzz around the depiction of Princess Diana and Prince Charles's marriage as well as their children Prince William and Prince Harry. The 4th season provides us a glimpse into the whirlwind romance of Diana and Charles and their eventual falling out. From marital problems to eating disorders, this season takes a deep dive into the lives of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Josh O'Connor does a brilliant job in his portrayal of Prince Charles, right from his style of speaking to his walk.

There are many important events from the life of Queen Elizabeth that are also shown this season such as the assassination of Lord Mountbatten and Princess Margaret's failing health. The Queen's troubled relationship with Prince Charles and her sister are focused on in the series.

Princess Margaret's bold and troubled personality is beautifully captured by Helena Bonham Carter.
Although, the Crown has received a lot of praise for its costumes before what impressed the viewers this season most was how Princess Diana's iconic outfits were beautifully recreated. From the outfit she wore for her engagement announcement, to her evening gowns and right down to her iconic wedding dress, the creators have made sure to cover all details of her famous wardrobe.
Princess Diana's famous wedding gown with a 25 foot train.

I'd personally been a big fan of the Claire Foy and Matt Smith pairing who portrayed the younger Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in seasons 1 and 2. However, season 3 cleared any apprehensions I had about the new casting and the latest season has left me wanting to see more of the stellar cast.

Final Verdict:

Season 4 may lack the thrill and suspense of the previous seasons but it makes up for it with its great portrayal of the younger generation of the royal family such as the depiction of a curt Princess Anne and a heartthrob Prince Andrew. If you are new to the series then you are in luck as, all the 4 seasons are now available for streaming on Netflix. The Crown has great dialogue, posh accents and majestic sets that will capture your imagination and make you impatient for the next season. This masterpiece series is definitely a must watch,

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