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Famous Saudis making KSA proud

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

On this National Day, we celebrate all the Saudis making KSA proud internationally with their achievements. Read about them here:

Photographed by Alex Wolfe for Vogue Arabia

Abdullah qandeel is a saudi abstract painter and artist. He has gained recognition in the global art scene and has many famous admirers of his work

like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who own pieces from his collection. In his interview with Vogue Arabia he described KSA as a “melting pot that has

resulted in a culture that is loving, warm, and filled with potential.” His unique art style has gotten him many accolades and he is now working to set up a large-scale incubation project in Jeddah: The Creativity Terminal.

Photo credit: Fashion TV blog UAE

Mohammed Ashi is the founder of the brand Ashi Studio. His brand has become increasingly popular outside the Arab world and has had his runway show at Couture Week in Paris, cementing his name on the international stage. Mohammed Ashi has a refined taste for art and he embraces embroideries to capture the essence of luxury and tell fairy tales through every meticulously hand-crafted design.

Photo credit: Hadeel Ayoub twitter
Photo credit: Hadeel Ayoub twitter

Saudi inventor Hadeel Ayoub is the founder of

BrightSign, a game changing smart glove to help speech impaired people communicate on a daily basis. The glove is equipped with sensors which picks up the movements of the user and translates sign language in a computerized voice, revolutionizing the speech and

hearing aids technology.

Photo credit: Dalma Malhas Instagram

Dalma Malhas is an equestrian and part of the Saudi National team who had been set to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Dalma is not only a show jumper but also a Youth Olympics bronze medalist. She is the winner of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum

Creative Sports Award, and an athletes’ representative on the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee.

Photo credit: Taleedah Tamer Instagram

Born and raised in Jeddah, Taleedah became the first Saudi model to walk a couture runway in Paris for Italian designer Antonio Grimaldi at just 17 years of age. Named as the first Saudi supermodel, she has inspired others who want to pursue a career in modeling and encouraged diversity in the fashion industry.

Photo credit: About her magazine

Saudi Arabia’s first female filmmaker, Haifaa al-Mansour is often referred to as one of the kingdom’s boldest and has shed a light on the lives of the people

of KSA . She challenges the status quo when it comes to raising the curtain on societal issues. And she has done it before 2018, which is when theatres opened up in KSA. She has produced the movies ‘Wadja’ and ‘The perfect candidate’.

Photo credit: GQ Middle East

Mohammed Al Turki who is a film producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, can also add the title fashion enthusiast to his list. He has been representing the Middle East in Hollywood since 2010. Mohammed Al Turki’s first notable work was the award-winning movie The Imperialists Are Still Alive! This Saudi film producer has inspired the next generation of Arab filmmakers and actors with hit movies such as Arbitrage and 99 Homes.

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