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Combining the east and the west through art

Our featured artist Majdoleen is bringing together the best of two worlds through her artwork. Using elements from Arabic calligraphy and western art she creates a fusion art that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

My name is Majdoleen Faraj, born in October 1996. A Graphic Designer from the beautiful Damascus (the oldest capital in the world). I enjoy creating joyful and exciting projects that are inspired by local culture.

My passion for art started when I reached 15 years old as a bashful little dream, however, the dream grew over the years to become a reality through education and practice. I love shapes and colours and enjoy combining them in many different ways to create new ideas.

I am a big fan of Arabic art for its breathtaking beauty and influence in shaping our civilization. I also admire the Arabic calligraphy with its unlimited possibilities in forming incredible shapes which make it an extraordinary school.

Elaborating further, I get inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who has painted several touching paintings that tell the story of her inability to have children due to a painful accident.

Also, the great artist Roy Lichtenstein, who has been ridiculed for his artistic style, but this did not stop him and he became one of the most prominent and influential artists in his field.

Therefore, my designs are a mixture of

Arabic art, calligraphy and the beauty of Western art, to produce ideas that address various cultures, traditions and age groups.

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