6 Dates of great importance in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In the last few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has succeeded in engraving its name in history by achieving distinguished and unforgettable achievements in many fields. This has cemented its status as an ambitious country that seeks to have a place on the world map as a place with a record full of local, regional, and international achievements.

Here is a list of the notable dates in the history of Saudi Arabia that are an indication of these great achievements.

23rd September 1932 – Saudi National Day

This joyous day marks the date when the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz were renamed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2005, a royal decree by King Abdullah made this day a national holiday for the entire Kingdom to commemorate and remember this historic moment in the country’s history. The Kingdom’s unification is usually celebrated with fireworks that light up the sky, festivals all around the Kingdom as well as the decoration of buildings, stores and streets with the country's green flag.

25th April, 2016 – 2030 Vision Announcement

In an attempt to reduce its dependence on oil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched Vision 2030. It is a strategic vision that shows the extent of the Kingdom's ambition to diversify its economy and rely on other sectors of the country, including entertainment, sports, tourism and others, in order to turn the wheel of the economy. Since the launch of this vision, the Kingdom has been working in full swing towards achieving it by creating a productive environment that allows citizens to accomplish their dreams and hopes in an economically prosperous country.

26th September, 2017– Women Driving Decree

As part of its endeavors to empower women in society and enhance their role, Saudi Arabia has granted women the right to drive for the first time, all of which ended a long-awaited conservative tradition. On 4 June, 2018, Ahlam Al Thanyan was the first Saudi woman in the Kingdom’s history to receive her driving license. The decree also allowed women with licenses from any GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council country) to drive in the Kingdom.

4th March, 2019 – Saudi Seasons Launch

As a part of 2030 vision, Saudi Seasons were launched by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage to activate tourism in the kingdom and enhance the quality of life. 11 seasons and more than 12 million visitors and tourists later, Saudi seasons succeeded in transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into one of the most sought-after entertainment destinations in the region.

27th September 2019 – Saudi Arabia announced the issuance of Tourist Visa

In September 2019, the Kingdom announced the opening of its doors to the whole world by allowing people to visit its lands. It allowed the issuance of a 90-day tourist visa that gives visitors from inside and outside the Arab region the opportunity to enjoy visiting the Kingdom and experience its hospitality. This step came in conjunction with the Saudi seasons to allow all visitors to come and enjoy the distinct and unique entertainment provided by Saudi Seasons.

1st December, 2019 – Saudi Arabia assumes the G20 presidency

Taking the reins from Japan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the first country in the Middle East to oversee the G20 Summit – an annual meeting of leaders from countries with the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. Although the pandemic prevented the summit from taking place in its usual form, and even though the main agenda of the G20 had to be altered to better suit the current situation of the pandemic, the Kingdom remained focused on the presidency’s agenda which is “realizing opportunities of the 21st Century for all”.